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Piney River Ranch is more than just a quiet place to kick back in front of a spectacular view. In fact, we offer an array of activities at the ranch, on the water and in the surrounding areas. From canoeing with the family to fly-fishing on Piney River to hiking and horseback riding high above the shoreline, there’s no end to the amount of excitement and adventure you can experience in just a single day at Piney River Ranch.



Along the trail, you’ll enjoy views of the surrounding mountains, the pristine Piney River and beautifully forested areas, including gorgeous stands of Aspen trees. You may also catch a glimpse of our wonderful wildlife including moose, elk and deer. The trails are free from traffic and safe for every member of the family. Reservations are highly recommended. Please note the minimum age allowed is 9.

Our rides are scheduled daily at 10am, 2pm and 5:30pm. Please note we only have the 1 wrangler so if a group has pre booked the 1 hour ride then that is the ride that will be available. 

Reservations are essential.

Two-Hour Horseback Ride:

The two-hour ride is a very relaxing and exciting experience as you meander through the Piney River Valley, taking in some fantastic views and trails. Rides, scheduled throughout the day depending on demand, depart from and end at the ranch. $85 per person for two-hour rides.

One-Hour Horseback Ride:

If your time is limited, the one-hour ride affords you a similar experience lasting half as long. You will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the Piney River area while not impacting the rest of your itinerary. $70 per person for one-hour rides.

Piney stables is  equal opportunity service provider. Piney Stables is under special use permit by the White River National Forest. Guide and Outfitter #2445.


With its signature solitude, scenic vistas and an incredible variety of trout species, Piney Lake is a longtime Colorado favorite destination for lake fly fishing. Nestled at the base of the remote and rugged Gore Range and surrounded by the Eagle’s Nest wilderness, Piney Lake is the trout-laden gem of Eagle County. 

Piney River Ranch anglers can chase almost every species of trout found in Colorado (Brookies, Browns, Cutthroat, and Rainbow trout), in almost every way imaginable. Knowledgeable, professional staff will facilitate activities from shore fishing to floating in canoes and even stand up paddle boards.

FREE casting clinics are offered daily, 

Piney Lake

Please note: Fishing Licenses are required as this is a private lake. You can pick one up from Walmart, Sports Authority, City Market and Safeway.

Canoe Rental $30 per hour, $90/4 hours  

Stand Up Paddle Board $30/hour,  $90/4 hours

Drift Boat $45/hour

Rod and Reel rental  $20

Private Fishing Guide - please call Minturn Anglers on 970 827 9500 to schedule

Canoeing and SUPing

Piney River Ranch offers guests the opportunity to explore Piney Lake in a canoe starting at $30 per hour, including paddles, life vests and instruction. Stand up paddle boards start at $30/half hour, including paddle, life vest and instruction. Rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis, and reservations are only accepted for large groups. Please note that disruptions in canoeing activity may be experienced due to wedding ceremonies and other large events. Please check our interactive calendar and/or ask about canoeing at the rental shack.


The Upper Piney trail begins at Piney Lake at the end of Red Sandstone Road #700 outside of the Piney River Ranch entrance and ends at Upper Piney Lake - 7 miles each way. Begin your journey outside of the ranch (where public parking is available), pass picturesque Piney Lake and gently climb through an open meadow before entering forest and reaching a cascading waterfall about three miles in. The average hiker will have no problem reaching the waterfall destination in about an hour and a half; however, the trail becomes less distinct and more difficult after the falls, becoming steeper as it approaches Upper Piney Lake.

Trail Map

The lower part of the 6.68-mile Upper Piney River Trail provides one of the area's most popular excursions—with a gorgeous waterfall just 3 miles from the trailhead. Beyond that, the Upper Piney River Trail provides access to Mt. Powell, the 13,534-foot gem of the Gore Range, as well as the entire length of Piney River. Beyond the 5.5-mile mark, fewer people use the trail.

From the trailhead, Upper Piney River Trail climbs gradually for 3 miles to the waterfall and becomes less distinct after the falls.

Click here to download our trail map.

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